Rescue Riders Ride For A Reason® Program

We are excited to introduce our Ride for a Reason® program. The Ride for a Reason® Program helps inform our Rescue Riders if volunteers are needed for area poker runs and events. So what is Ride for a Reason®?

The Ride for a Reason® program helps connect our Rescue Rider volunteers with events that have expressed in interest in having support from the Rescue Riders. So what do you do to Ride for a Reason®? Hopefully nothing... Actually, you contact the event coordinators and identify yourself as a Rescue Rider and go ride.... To Ride for a Reason®, you must complete the Rescue Rider join form, have the skills to allow you to provide first aid based upon your training and comfort level, carry a first aid kit & supplies and identify yourself as a Rescue Rider. It's as simple as that and you can start now. The Ride for a Reason® program is the foundation of the Rescue Rider program and is where we get the majority of our hands on experience.

I can tell you that it's a wonderful experience to participate at area events and have all sorts of folks come up and thank us for the service we provide. Most events you participate in will be no different than what you have experienced in the past. The key is having the training and tools to help out should the need arise. If your only training is in basic first aid.... no problemo... You are most welcome and encouraged to Ride for a Reason®... Just remember the aid you provide is based upon your training and comfort level. In other words, a Paramedic will be able to provide a more comprehensive level of aid in times of need versus someone with lesser training but all folks with some level of training are able to help and provide aid so what are you waiting for....