About the Rescue Riders

We created the Rescue Rider program to recruit, educate and organize bikers in support of each other, our communities and our nation. We do this by helping provide bikers with the tools & training needed to provide emergency assistance in times of need. We accomplish our mission by building relationships with professional emergency response organizations.

About now you may be asking yourself, what can I do as a biker to help with these events? As bikers, we can take advantage of our increased mobility via two wheels to deliver medical professionals, supplies and aid into areas that may have limited access due to wide spread destruction from disasters.

As bikers we are also accustomed to the dangers we as motorcyclists face while riding. For this reason we have started a "Ride for a Reason®" program which allows our bikers to serve as volunteers at area events and poker runs. Our volunteers participate at area events just as you normally would but now you have the training & tools to provide aid when encountering an accident which has become all too common these days.

The Rescue Riders are a Non-Profit 501c3 corporation which was started in 2005. Currently we have over 2000 volunteers located in 26 states and thanks to the dedication of our volunteer ranks continue to grow.

You can learn more about the Ride for a Reason® program HERE.